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Eye Glass Lenses

Shamir Progressive Lenses

Shamir Autograph IIExclusively designed with proprietary, patented EyePoint Technology, a groundbreaking software program that utilizes ray-tracing to compute optical properties and simulate human vision, Shamir Progressives are digital, high-definition lenses that provide excellent peripheral vision, low distortion levels and smooth channels.

The Freeform Shamir Autograph III is rightfully considered the best progressive lens on the market today by many independent optometrists and opticians. If you already wear progressive lenses, you’ll appreciate that no matter how much your glasses improve your vision, there are some limitations. You may notice a swimming effect at the sides of your lenses or have a narrower field of vision than you would like.

The Shamir Autograph is the first and only varifocal lens that eliminates these annoying constraints, giving you ultimate vision with no compromise. Shamir Spectrum is second only to Shamir Autograph and is the excellent digital FreeForm progressive lens featuring

Shamir Spectrum is second only to Shamir Autograph and is the excellent digital FreeForm progressive lens featuring an advanced optical design with sharp and wide vision zones. It is also one of the flattest and most aesthetic lens available today. The Spectrum will provide you with superior visual sharpness, much wider fields of vision and greater visual and postural comfort. High resolution vision will also be maintained whatever the situation and the lighting conditions.


Varilux progressive lenses are the most technically advanced progressive lenses available. Varilux Physio® lenses are the only progressive lenses with the distortion-reducing benefits of W.A.V.E. Technology™: Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement. This gives you better vision than you probably thought was possible, whether you are looking near, far, or anywhere in-between.

Varilux® Physio Enhanced™ progressive lenses are customized to provide the clearest vision possible for every distance and in every light level.

Varilux Comfort® give you excellent near, intermediate, distance and peripheral vision, all without compromising the visual quality of any single zone. They’re easy to wear, and the smooth transition between visual zones makes it easy to adapt to these lenses. For more information, please visit