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CartierMixing timeless aesthetics and luxurious precision, Cartier creates fashion-forward eyewear made from precious metals and other rare materials. These exclusive frames are handmade by French designers and their quality is unmatched.

Those who wear and love Cartier are among the world’s elite – royalty, heads of state, celebrities and the rich and famous – a class among themselves. True to its reputation of being pure luxury, the materials chosen to make Cartier eyewear also reflect a rich history of using precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) and stones as well as other exclusive materials such as genuine horn, wood, metal and acetate. Made for the discerning customer who will truly appreciate the artistry of each piece, Cartier eyewear embodies an everlasting design that transcends fleeting fashion trends.

Driven by a spirit of excellence, Cartier eyewear adopts the same style borne from an extraordinary history, travels and encounters with exceptional personalities, all the while, offering a chance for individuals to own a spectacular piece of Cartier design at a much more affordable price than most of the brand’s line of elite jewelry.